Tech Seminars

We would be happy to educate your engineering staff and other technical personnel with our Technical Seminar…

The seminar is approximately 2 hours (90 minute presentation and 30 minute Q&A). We would appreciate the use of an on-site video projector for our laptop PowerPoint presentation. We can bring a video projector if one is not available.

The objective of this seminar is:

1. to avoid component failure through material selection, and
2. improve proficiency in component design through understanding material behavior

The seminar content includes the following topics:

1. Industries driving demand
2. Trends in those industries
3. Component function defined
4. Variables which impact function
5. Metallurgical basics which control the variables
6. Design for Manufacturability / Ease of Fabrication
7. Cost Reduction opportunities
8. Diversity of technical products

The atmosphere during a presentation is intended to promote open discussion. We will communicate our impressions from serving the industry while interacting in real time with questions from your group.

We are prepared to respond to comments and questions about material issues as they relate to current design problems, future component requirements, optimal material selections, coatings (tin, etc.), testing techniques, corrosion resistance, contact resistance issues, contact (interface) physics, etc..

If you have any questions or comments, just give me a call.

Rich Lowe (BSEE)
Director of Sales & Marketing
Small Tube Products
Altoona, PA
tel. 814-693-6017