Types of Packaging for Straight Length Tubing (see Photo Gallery below)

Wood Boxes
Straight length tubing over 38” in length is normally shipped in wood boxes.

Typically used for annealed tubing to protect from damage.
Maximum weight in a wood box is approximately 800 pounds, typical weight is 500 pounds.

Bundle Pack – an alternative to Wood Boxes
A bundle pack is a special type of packaging which is lower cost than shipping in wooden boxes.  Without the wood box protection, extra care in handling is required to prevent tube damage and tube exposure to the elements, therefore it is only suitable for direct flatbed truck shipments between WSTP and the customer’s location.  Each bundle would weigh approximately 1,000 pounds and would be banded with steel bands over “pillow pack” cardboard in three locations (each end and in the middle).  Unloading needs to be accomplished using slings which support the load from overhead, bundles CANNOT be unloaded with a fork lift truck supporting underneath the bundle as the tubing will bend.  Slings can be shipped on each bundle to assist with customer unloading, but the slings must be returned to us – or we could send the shipment without slings.

Triwall and All Cardboard Boxes
Straight length tubing under 38” in length is normally shipped in all cardboard or in triwall boxes. 
Less expensive than all wood boxes. Maximum weight in a triwall box is 300 pounds.

Types of Packaging for Coils

Individually Packed Coils
Each coil is packed in a separate cardboard box before it is placed onto a skid for shipping.

Other Coils
Coils are placed in a skid with cardboard sides and separated with cardboard separators.

Level Wound Coils
Each coil can either be on wood reels, cardboard reels or only separated by cardboard separators before being placed on skids. Coils may be secured using copper or steel banding, depending on coil size.

Shrink Wrapping is also available when needed

Gallery of Packaging options

Wood Boxes
Wood Boxes up to 38ft.
Bundle Packs
Triwall Boxes
LWC Without Reels
Coils in Octopack
Coils in Octapak with shrink wrap
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